woensdag 10 september 2014

www.errorinstruments.com is proud to stand on GOGBOT 2014 

in the big church in the center of Enschede. 

together with WORM SHOP Rottemdam we demonstrate severals 


of www.errorinstruments.com 

also there is a lot of art., sonic art, S 

including the Beeb, of Paul bag see www.paultas.com 

but also demonstrert Dennis the bell www.dennisdebel.nl 

they last artwerk. 

about GOGBOT
The theme of GOGBOT in Enschede this year is 
'Spaceship Earth'. The festival begins on September 11 and ends three days later, on 14 September. GOGBOT takes place at ten different locations in Enschede. 
More than 200 artists and musicians abide this year pursuing space, growing space technology, the fragility of the earth and sustainable future. The theme is based on the ideas of the American architect and visionary Buckminster Fuller. 
This year depends on the Old Market a spacecraft 24 hours 4 meters above the ground. According to the organizers, this is the highlight of festival. It was designed by the Belgian Angelo Vermeulen. He started with 30 others in May with the construction of the work. 


Commotion surrounding festival 
Last year there was commotion surrounding the festival. Thus, there is female-friendly porn, the so-called porna, projected on the church. This was according to Jurgen van Do, leader of the Christian Union in Enschede, unacceptable and did not get along. 
A year earlier, in 2012, Van Keeps wanted the subsidy was put under the microscope. The action of the women with bare torsos that there was then, was the leader hurtful and offensive.

come see it's super impressive, 

if you dare !!

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