zaterdag 26 juli 2014

NEW FERTAS-1  soon !!!! experimental avantgarde

NEW FERTAS-1 15-8-14 presale only 297 euro

NEW FERTAS-1 15-8-14 presale only 297 euro
news !!!!
the FERTAS-1 is later than expected 
and is transferred to 15-8-14 
due to lack of knowledge. we want the fertas-1 can synchronize 
with external synths modulere 
we need more time 
to bowls to very nice produckt 
this knowledge will also share with 
Swiss Mechatronic Art Society 

NEW FERTAS-1 prototype
the new moduler noise synth FERTAS-1
in developing high-tech Engineer Robert Ferdek
Paul Tas artist and inventor of
are engaged in creative and affordable modulate synthesizers
1 sounds like drone noise or echo
it is also inspired by Buchla Modular Synth
the organic analogue sound and of course the banana plugs
moduler paths board
also there and Delay. on this sound will. co mad
and a pulse function too
it is with great retro buttons
Wood roasted lines and geometries style
the price is to FERTAS-1 it prototype
under the € 300 

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