donderdag 31 juli 2014

Pocket Piano Firmware Update

In July 2014, we updated the code on the Pocket Piano. Pocket Pianos are now sold with a 'hold' function and seven synthesizer modes. 
Owners of older Pocket Pianos (including the silver without MIDI, the Pocket Piano GR, and the Pocket Piano MIDI) may wish to update their firmware to use these new features.
If your Pocket Piano's serial number begins with a 'D' it can be updated. If it does not begin with a 'D', it cannot be updated. The serial number is to the right of the battery. 
Here's how it works:
  1. Purchase this update and the cost of return shipping (you will be prompted to include your shipping address and carrier at check out.)
  2. Send in your Pocket Piano with a copy of your order confirmation email. Please use a shipping method with a tracking number. Our address is:Critter & Guitari
    402 Graham Ave
    PMB #249
    Brooklyn, NY
  3. After receiving your Pocket Piano, we will update the firmware, replace the sticker (see the photos) and return it to you. 
This is a firmware update only. We cannot update a non-MIDI Pocket Piano to a Pocket Piano MIDI. 
Please note, we will charge your card for the full amount before receiving your Pocket Piano.

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